01. Account Registration

Create ApiDapp Account

Account on ApiDapp site is needed for generation of private keys and accessing personalized functionality of the site.
To create account please click on "REGISTER" option of the menu. Fields that are required when account get registered includes:
- account name
- email
- account password

02. Login

How to log-in

In order to log-in to the site you need to have you account. Please see how to create account account video to learn how the new account can be created.
To log-in select LOGIN menu item and enter your account credentials

03. Logout

Log out

Log out link is located under "Profile" option of the menu. Click "Profile" first and then select "LOGOUT" in order to end log-in session

04. Create API Keys

API Keys

API keys are needed when your application is accessing blockchain functionality trough ApiDapp. It is used in order to uniquely identify your application. One account can have up to 100 keys and it is highly recommended to have one key per application.
To create a new key, please log in into your account and select "KEYS" option on the menu. Clicking "ADD" button on the keys page will create a new key and associate it with your account. key should be passed as a part of "X-Api-Key" request header on every request to ApiDapp

05.Add Wallet


Wallets are collections of cryptocurrency accounts with password that protects access to accounts. Each of the supported blockchains requires a separate wallet. Only one wallet per blockchain can be created.
To create a new wallet, please select "WALLETS" option on the site menu. When wallets page is presented, click "Add wallet" button and enter wallet password. Please keep your wallet passwords safe and secure! Wallet passwords are different from ApiDapp site access password.

06. Add fund to your account


There are two ways to fund an account:
1. Transfer some cryptocurrency to the account (covered in the "transfer currency" section of How-to)
2. Go to a faucet and ask for the test currency to be transferred to account (described here)

To add currency to the account associated with a wallet, first you need to navigate to the wallet. Select "WALLETS" option on the menu, and select an appropriate wallet.

On the wallet page, click "[Fund]' link. and follow the instructions given on the page that will be shown. Instructions are different as test faucets set up differently between different test blockchains.

07. Send currency to another account


To transfer currency to another account, first you need to select wallet with the account you want to transfer currency from. To open the wallet, click on "WALLETS" on the menu, select wallet, and click on [Transfer] link for the account that will be debited. On the transfer page, enter account number that will be credited, enter amount that should be transferred and wallet password. It will take a few seconds before the operation will be confirmed at the blockchain. After transfer is completed transaction id will be displayed on the transfer page

08. Create ERC20 compatible token

Create Token

In order to create ERC-20 compatible token, first you need to create and open wallet. Select "WALLETS" from the site menu, and click on the wallet for the blockchain where token should be created. Select an account that will be an initial token contract "owner" and click on the [token] link.
On the token create page, enter token symbol, token name, number of tokens that will be issued and, in case, token can be divided in smaller units, number of digital points for the fractional token denomination. Default gas for the token contract will be pre-filled but is changeable. Setting gas too low will result in error in contract creation and allocated gas will be lost.

09. Create and Publish Smart Contract

Smart Contract

To create a smart contract you need to follow these steps:
1. Open wallet in the blockchain where you want the smart contract to be deployed. Account should have some currency to cover gas needed for the deployment of the smart contract. Click "WALLETS" option on the menu and clock on the appropriate wallet.
2. For the account that will be used to create the contract, click on the "contract" link.
3. Enter Solidity code for the contract or start with on of examples by clicking on one of the "Load Examples" links
4. Update Gas value if needed. For small and medium-size contracts value in the filed should be sufficient and no updates are necessary
5. Enter wallet password
6 . Click on "Create Contract" button